Your One-Stop Destination for all your requirements of Herbal Drinks
which help you build immunity and lead an active lifestyle.

Quality Herbal Ingredients

We use the finest and best quality of ingredients
sourced from our farms in India to bring out the
best flavours in our drinks.

Relaxes Body,
Mind & Soul

Each sip of our herbal drink is refreshing and helps you
relax your body, mind & soul by giving a soothing effect naturally.

Healthy and tasty
herbal products

Amrita Naturals brings a wide variety of herbal products to suit your requirements and taste palates. Each of our drinks offers various health benefits. To know more about us and our offerings, explore ahead.

  • Healthy Way of Life
  • Your individual nutritionist
  • Free of sugar and gluten
  • Increases power and energy
  • Personal immune system enhancer
Our Benefits

What makes us better than Green Tea?

With all the benefits that we have been listening about Green Tea, now it’s time to drink something more effective and practical.

  • Each drink is a mixture of many herbs.
  • Amazing Flavour which no Green Tea can match.
  • Improves your immune system and metabolism.
  • Instant mix, make anywhere anytime.
Herbal Products

Choose The Right Combo For You

Hridya Shakti 250gms.
Regular Price Rs. 280/-
Sale Price Rs. 240/-

How to prepare Amrita Natural Herbal Tea

Pour 1 spoon (8-10 gms) Amrita Natural Herbal Tea in 1 cup (80-100 ml) of boiled water. Stir and serve.

  • Takes less than 60 seconds
  • Just need hot water
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What our clients say

Amrita Herbal drinks immunity combo helped me improve my overall health and build strength against diseases. The flavours are also very good.

Alok Chaudhary

Amrita Lemon Tea is really good for everyone and very tasty. My skin feels much better now after a month of regular consumption.

Monika Goswami

Making this is too easy as compared to green tea as we just need hot water and no straining. Helped me and my family consume this healthy drink regularly.

Pratibha Rathore

I've used Amrita Hridaya Shakti and have seen a very good change in my overall health. This has made me breathe better and also improved my digestion.

Sujata Singh
Food blog

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