HridyaShakti with Jaggery


HridyaShakti with Jaggery Preperation: 
  • Pour 1 spoon (8-10 gms) of HridyaShakti Tea Powder into one cup (80-100 ml) of boiled water and mix thoroughly.
  • Leave for 1 minute and your drink is ready to be consumed.


HridyaShakti with Jaggery

HridyaShakti is the saviour and the key to a healthy heart, as implied by its name. The greatest herbal tea that is excellent for the heart is Amrita Naturals HridyaShakti. It benefits from herbs like Arjun Ki Chaal and Daalchini, to mention a few.

Are you seeking for a combination that can help you keep your B12 level stable and keep your heart functioning normally? Your wait is then ended. The combination of Amrita Naturals HridyaShakti and Jaggery from Amrita Naturals can help you maintain your B12 levels and the health of your heart.

HridyaShakti with Jaggery Benefits: 
  • Has potent anti-hypertensive properties.
  • Helpful for lung problems.
  • Has probiotic properties.
  • Helps in maintaining B12
  • Helps in Improving digestion
  • Helps in getting clear skin
  • Helps in burning belly fat 
  • Helps in normalising your Blood pressure
  • Helps in toning heart muscles
  • Contains probiotic properties
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