The secret to Healthy Lungs 500gms



  • Fights respiratory problems
  • Treats Arthritis
  • Contains Anti-Fungal properties
  • Contains Antioxidants


  • Amrita Naturals Giloy Tea
  • Amrita Naturals HridyaShakti Tea


Amrita naturals have brought an exciting offer for you in which you can get our best-selling Amrita Naturals Giloy herbal tea and Amrita naturals HridyaShakti tea at a very reasonable price. This combo is the secret to your healthy lungs as both Giloy and HridyaShakti work as safeguards for your lungs.

Also, Giloy is a natural immunity booster and HridyaShakti helps in protecting and keeping your heart healthy. Consuming Giloy and HridyaShakti will help you in living the life that you’ve ever wanted to live.


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